Goals for 2017

Hey guys!

Hope you are all well. Today’s post is dedicated to goals and no I’m not talking about #GOALS but actual goals; specifically for this blog. Goals what are they? If you would have asked the younger me I would’ve described them as useless. As an individual who just ‘goes with the flow,’ I didn’t really see the need for goals then. Don’t get me wrong I still am a laid back and chill person only difference is now I have goals (if that makes sense). My thought process at the time was that it was better not to set high expectations for myself otherwise I’d be disappointed if they weren’t met. In a way I was almost afraid of setting goals because the thought of the future and where I was going to be scared me.

However, my definition has changed and now I would define it as something to strive towards and accomplish (an objective) in result to improve oneself or to achieve desired outcome. Now I feel that goals are crucial, especially now that I’ve finished high school and still finding myself and what I want to do. Trust me I’ve heard many people go on about the importance of goals etc and I just never really thought they were worthwhile, but now I agree with what they said. Personally goal keeping has helped me keep track with what I need to do to get me to where I want to be. As a new blogger I thought I’d share a list of things I want to accomplish throughout this blogging journey:

  1. Upload at least one or two blog posts a week
  2. Produce good quality content
  3. Improve writing skills
  4. Interact with followers and other bloggers
  5. Reach a total of 150 followers by the end of the year

These are the current goals, short and sweet. Now whether or not I accomplish them is not the be-all and end-all, as long as I know that I’m trying my best is all that matters. Anyways, I didn’t mean for this post to be too wordy but I do hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on goals and what your goals are for 2017 (doesn’t have to be about blogging).

In the meantime, keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it YOU.



3 thoughts on “Goals for 2017

  1. Maggie says:

    Those are wonderful blogging goals! It’s good to have a vision for where you want your blog to go 🙂 My biggest blogging goal for 2017 is to write weekly blog posts for most (if not all) of this year, and my non-blogging related goal is to read all the books on my bookshelf that I’ve yet to read once through, lol. I like to set realistic goals 😂

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