Uni Orientation:Day 1

Good evening guys 🙂 So today I had orientation and to be honest it was a great experience (not going to lie for me the highlight of today was getting the freebies). First half of the morning was hectic there were over a thousand students lining up to register and then we grouped together for … Continue reading Uni Orientation:Day 1


Travel Diaries: Day #2

Hello beautiful people, It's day 2 of travelling to uni and honestly all I could tell you is that I am EXHAUSTED! I woke up past 3am and got ready to head to the airport. We hopped into the the taxi and off we went to the international airport. I love travelling however if your … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Day #2

Life Update

Hey guys! I apologise for the long break I've taken from blogging but the past couple of days has been crazy busy. With me moving to another country, having no internet connection and settling in, I had no time to post. So today I'm making it up to you guys by giving you an update of … Continue reading Life Update