My Current Hair care Routine

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be sharing my very simple hair care routine. Nothing fancy but just thought I’d let you know how I maintain my long hair, since a lot of people I know wonder how I care for it. I first start off by brushing my hair so it’s tangle free, then proceed to shampoo and condition my hair with Organix Argan oil of Morroco products. I shampoo only my scalp and condition the rest of my hair. I find that conditioning my scalp makes my hair oily really fast so I just stick with shampooing. As for conditioning I leave it in bottom half of my hair for a few minutes to let it soak in then I rinse. Here’s how my hair looks after it’s been washed:

Once washed, I lightly towel dry it then leave to air dry, which takes me an hour close to 2 hours of air drying my hair. Half way through the drying process while my hair is still damp I add a pump of Organix Argan penetrating oil throughout my hair focusing on the ends. Let me tell you this oil smells AMAZING and makes my hair feel smooth definetly a must. I try not to put too much especially near scalp area as once again hair will become oily faster. Also, I find putting oil throughout the ends of my hair tames my curls other wise they’ll just be poofy and frizzy like crazy. Here’s a pic of my hair once dried (it hasn’t been brushed out yet):

So yeah that’s my current haircare routine simple and straight forward. As for styling my hair I either do a low  middle split ponytail or bun, braid or messy bun. I don’t like to use heat on my hair as it just further damages it so I stay away from hot tools. Thanks for reading the post and if you made it this far then let me know in the comments what your favourite hair products are.

In the meantime, keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it YOU.


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