University Travel Essentials

Hello beautiful people,

as you all know I will be travelling to university in a few days so today’s post will be focusing on the essentials I personally think are crucial for university. I won’t go into depth, as it will drag on, however I will list a few basic essentials. If your like me and are studying abroad it’s better to buy things for your dorm once you get to your place of study. Please note that these uni essentials are just a general idea and that you don’t have to have all these things as packing is different for everyone and it also depends on your own personal needs.

First essential is a laptop. Not having one will be very inconvenient and will just make your life that much harder. You will need to use it for lectures, research, assignments, pretty much everything.

Secondly, make sure you take all your important documents with you. Documents such as copy of birth certificate, university offer of place, license, student id card, passport etc. This will make life easier in case you need it for future reference, student loan or job applications.

Next, you will need a school bag to carry all your textbooks, laptop and notebooks. I recommend investing in a good quality bag whether it be a traditional backpack or shoulder bag, as you will be using it everyday and you want it to last. I just use a Nike bag as it’s simple, lightweight, good quality and has a laptop compartment, but a handbag or shoulder bag will do.

The next obvious essential is clothing. It is ideal to pack only what you wear on a daily basis and not take your whole closet because, one you most likely won’t wear all of them and second, if your flying you only have a certain amount of weight your allowed to bring onboard. Great tip is to pack a good formal dress incase of social events because you don’t want to get there and have nothing to wear.

Another obvious essential are shoes. It’s best not to pack your whole shoe collection, because if your a shoe lover like me I have this tendency of taking all my shoes when travelling  and don’t end up wearing them. So what I think will work is to pick out one or two heels, runners (for walking or fitness) and a few casual shoes.

Some extras/miscellaneous which are a good idea to take are makeup essentials, toiletries, mini first aid kit, medication (if you need it), sunglasses, glasses, chargers for laptop and phone, emergency money (because you never know what might happen). I think that pretty much covers a lot of the things I will be taking, so let me know if I missed any other uni essentials.

In the meantime, keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it YOU.






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