Travel Diaries: Day#1

Twelve years of schooling it has taken me. One year I have waited and prepared. And in a few days I’ll be there. University. Yes university. It felt like only yesterday I had my first day of high school. Yet here I am packing my suitcase and heading to a different country and to total independence away from all I’ve ever known.

I feel a mixture of emotions: scared, nervous, excited, sad, happy. Mostly excited and happy to begin this new chapter in my life but also scared and sad to leave my friends and family behind and heading into the unknown. However, I’m glad that my lovely mother is travelling with me to help me settle in to my apartment and just get my things sorted before the semester starts.

I’m currently sitting on an  hour flight to Brisbane and contemplating about what the next 3 years of my life will be. Who will I meet? Where will I be? All those types of questions. Although, I’m sitting on a one way ticket to independence, reality hasn’t really kicked in just yet. Maybe it’ll hit me in a few days time, but in all honesty I feel as if I’m going away on holiday lol.

As we land in Brisbane it’s past 10pm and all I’m thinking about is food haha. We check into the hotel and grab a pizza and then off to bed to catch a early flight tomorrow morning to New Zealand. I have to wake up at 4:00am arghh too early for me, so I’ll update more tomorrow on how the second day of travelling goes so stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it YOU.





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