Travel Diaries: Day #2

Hello beautiful people,

It’s day 2 of travelling to uni and honestly all I could tell you is that I am EXHAUSTED! I woke up past 3am and got ready to head to the airport. We hopped into the the taxi and off we went to the international airport. I love travelling however if your like me I at times dread landing because of ear pain; trust me it’s no fun. So I definitely wasn’t looking forward to that. After we checked in, we headed down to do security check in’s and looked around duty free. Guys I was holding back from spending all my money at MAC, Urban Decay and Benefit  because they had so many good products on display. After, sadly not buying anything lol, I grabbed some brekky from Subway and off to wait to board our flight. In the meantime, I was uploading pics on the ‘gram (@girlinuni) , checking emails, taking pics you know just killing time because waiting to board feels like FOREVER right?

Finally it was time to board and we flew on Emirates. It was my first time I think flying with this airline and to be honest I’ll fly with them again. Inside was beautiful and it was a double decker plane so there was stairs leading to business and first class. I obviously was not sitting up there but economy was still quite comfortable and great, I mean hey as long as we get to destination is all that matters. I just loved the design of the window for some strange reason haha, it had like varnished wood around the window plane which just gave it an elegant look.


This is the Emirate’s window design.

It was a 3 hour flight and the whole time I slept and watched the Trolls movie (yes I know I’m too old to watch it lol). If you haven’t already watched the Trolls, you should definitely watch it I loved the movie soundtrack and it’ll sure give you a laugh. I also enjoyed an inflight breakfast (you guys know how I LOVE food) which was I think tomato frittata & hash brown with mushroom as well as bread, fruit salad and yoghurt.


Delicious breakfast on Emirates

Once we landed, it was safe to say that I had no ear pain which was so good. It was pretty hectic once we arrived though, because since there was like over 500 people on our flight it meant that there was over 500 people waiting at baggage claim area, just imagine that. So it pretty much took over an hour to collect our baggage and then further half an hour waiting to exit. We didn’t get out of the airport till past 4pm close to 5pm which is a long time since we landed past 2pm.

Anyways, that’s day 2 of travelling done, I just wanted to take this time to thank all my followers and readers for taking the time to read, like or comment on my posts. It truly does mean a lot to me because I never thought anyone would ever read my blog. So thank you guys for giving me the motivation to continually produce content I definitely appreciate you all. Wishing you all a fantastic day 🙂

In the meantime, keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it YOU.


*This post was not sponsored by Emirates or any companies mentioned


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