DIY Marble Stationery

Hello beautiful people,

Since uni started on this side of the hemisphere, I thought why not share with you a quick stationery DIY on my notebooks. As you can tell from the design of my blog I love marble, more like OBSESSED. I just love the sophisticated and classy look of it. Anywho, I dove straight into making my boring old exercise book into something cute and fancy and heres how it went.


Original book cover

First off I purchased these from an office supply store for $6 each which are hard covered ruled lecture notebooks. I went for sturdy books as they are more durable and last longer, because when I used to use the paper covers they would rip and fall apart by the end of the semester. As for the marble cover I bought a 3-6m roll from K-Mart for only $3, I live for K-Mart lol.


After using marble cover, aren’t they gorgeous

With trying to stick the marble contact on it was all a matter of measuring against the book and peeling to attach against the cover. It was super easy and simple, even if your a beginner you’ll be able to do this. However, if they are wrinkles it’s best to use a ruler to smooth it out. And voila, DIY marble notebooks completed.


Marble Notebooks on the desk with the rest of my stationery

Here’s a picture of my notebooks with the matching stationery. If your wondering where I got the rose gold journal, pen, pins and marble pen holder and stapler, they’re all from K-Mart. Guys I tell you that K-Mart is the I love it, they have not only cute stationery but also trendy decor all for an affordable price. Also just wanted to mention that the marble pen holder is not for stationery, it’s actually a pot plant but I thought it matched my books so I had to get it for my pens lol. And yes that white bowl on the right is filled with chocolates, which I enjoyed and is now finish. Anyways, if you guys want me to do a post on my dorm essentials/tour then let me know. If you made it this far, comment whether your in uni or not and which part of the hemisphere your from. And give a like if you love chocolates:)

In the meantime, keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it YOU.




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