Reality of student life

University…. ughhh. Almost 7 weeks into university and I’m struggling big time. From never ending due dates, to limited socialisation to having an unbalanced diet is the definition of: #thestruggleisreal. I swear there is not enough time in a day to complete what you need to do.

Something I’ve come to learn about being a student is that learning how to balance is NOT easy. Before I started uni, me being me thought I would be able to always do my laundry, have food stocked etc, but boy was I wrong. Reality is that I only go grocery shopping till my shelf is empty and laundry is only done when I need them. I only now understand the struggle and reality of student life. I’m currently on our mid-sem break NOT a holiday lol. I just finished submitting an essay yesterday and for the next 3 days I’ll be working on submitting another essay. I’ve tried to set a challenge for my self to try and post at least 2-3 times a week in these few coming weeks to make up for lost time. So let me know what you’d be interested in hearing from me, I think I’ll post a dorm room tour later.

In the meantime, keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it you.



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