Guess who’s back….. Back again.

So I’ve been on a long hiatus and I’m finally back again. I’ve missed writing blog posts and have been caught up with life. During my long 3-4 months break off blogging I have been immersed in uni work, exploring the city and have travelled back to Australia and went for a holiday on a little island called Tonga. I feel as if I have grown mentally and spiritually during this time and have learnt a lot about myself. I guess that’s part of being independent, it’s all about finding yourself and finding your purpose. I must admit, I haven’t completely found myself as of yet but I’m slowly piecing it together. Over these past few months I’ve felt happy, content but also lost. I was feeling lost about my future, I didn’t know if what I’m studying now in university is right or if I’ll even get a job after I finish my degree. But I’m pushing those negative thoughts away and try to focus on my life goals and what I could do each day to get closer to them. I think just doubting and uncertainty is what stops most of us from diving forward for the things we most want to do and achieve. Anyways, that’s just a little snippet of one of the experiences I’ve had in the past 3 months that I wanted to share. I won’t make any empty promises like I’ve done before and say I’ll post later, because to be honest I don’t know if I will based on my obvious inconsistencies lol. But yeah hope you lovelies have an awesome week and will write when I can.

xx Girlinuni



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