New Zealand Fashion Week 2017

So NZ Fashion Week was last week (28 Aug - 3 Sep) and I only attended one show cause that's all a uni student like me could afford. Nevertheless I had front seats so I was able to witness the beauty of it all. If I were to be honest I never was a big fan … Continue reading New Zealand Fashion Week 2017



Guess who's back..... Back again. So I've been on a long hiatus and I'm finally back again. I've missed writing blog posts and have been caught up with life. During my long 3-4 months break off blogging I have been immersed in uni work, exploring the city and have travelled back to Australia and went … Continue reading I’M BACK!

Life Update

Hey guys! I apologise for the long break I've taken from blogging but the past couple of days has been crazy busy. With me moving to another country, having no internet connection and settling in, I had no time to post. So today I'm making it up to you guys by giving you an update of … Continue reading Life Update