New Zealand Fashion Week 2017

So NZ Fashion Week was last week (28 Aug – 3 Sep) and I only attended one show cause that’s all a uni student like me could afford. Nevertheless I had front seats so I was able to witness the beauty of it all. If I were to be honest I never was a big fan of fashion  however as I got older I was able to appreciate it and realise that it’s not all about vanity. For me I’ve discovered that clothing is a way of expression and capturing ones personality and character.

I was lucky enough to watch NZ designer TK’s Kneuferman line and was honestly blown away by the simplicity yet sophistication of each piece. They were very versatile and honestly wearable for everyday wear. Here is a picture of a few pieces of TK designs:


In love with that beautiful gold dress 

Not only was each piece eye capturing, the live DJ in the background bought a different element to the runway which was pretty cool as well. I apologise for the limited photos as I mostly took videos and it couldn’t be uploaded. A let down for me was that the show only lasted max 20 minutes and I was notified upon purchasing the tickets that each show would at least go for 40 minutes. Also, there was only a womens line no mens line, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t that long. I spent $55 for the premium ticket which came with a goody bag and it was while worth it watching everything up close as well as the goodies included. So if you’ve read this far and live around the Auckland area, you should definitely check out NZ Fashion Week next year.


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